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14 Feb 2017

Auchi Poly Undergoes Another Protest Action, This Time By The Students

It used to be a case of "students please come to class" but now the reverse is totally the case as students are now the ones begging lecturers to come to class

Yesterday students of the Federal Polytechnic Auchi took to protest as they blocked the federal
highway thereby causing obstruction for motorists  to ply the road.

They were chanting lecturers should go to class else they won't open the highway that leads to Abuja and other northern states
Men of the Nigerian police force were seen around them just to maintain law and other.

Last week it was recorded that the demoted lecturers of the Poly also took to protest for their positions to be restored back to them by the school's authority.

The academic calendar which was altered drastically in last session as it is now is going to suffer worse this seesion.

Students are lamenting for lecturers to go back to their class rooms in other for them to commence lectures.

According to reports the one year IT students are not left out of the blow as they fined it difficult to secure a place to work, Institutions are requesting for results before they can accept them and there is nobody to process their results for them because of the ongoing strike embarked on by lecturers.

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