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25 Feb 2017

Simple Way To Install O.S On New Computer Systems

Before we start, do you know that 80% of Computer Science Students can not install O.S? This has been a major problem schools have not been able to solve.

On this post our singular interest is to teach you how to install O.S, basic steps required and answers to your questions.

Lets Start Now.



Insert the boot disk, that has your operating system, into your CDROM/USB/floppy.
  • If the system refuses to boot at once, it is necessary for you to restart your computer to enable you view the BIOS setup. If you don't know how to get to your BIOS screen, please refer to your computer's instruction manual.
  • Go to the boot menu.
  • Next, there will be a black screen telling you to a device to boot off of. Select CDROM/USB/floppy.


2. The computer should start booting off the CD. Then, it may run a disk check.

3. Use the instructions on the screen to setup

4. Depends on the system you may be required to partition your Hard Disk
  • Choose partition to install.
  • Format your partition (erases all data).

5. You may be asked to install a bootloader.

6. You may be asked to set an administrative password.

I hope after going through this you will be able to install O.S on your own from now, should there be any step you don not understand please feel free to ask your question at the COMMENT box as we are ready to respond to your questions almost immediately, Don't for forget to SHARE this too

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