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15 Mar 2017


Belinda Gabla, 14, A Primary 5 pupil of Aggrey Primary School at  Achimota, a surburb of Accra, She took her own life by hanging.
The deceased purportedly committed the act on March 11,2017 at around 7:30pm. It was already too late at before her body was found hanging on a tree very close to her residence at Dome PillarnTwo in Accra.
Reasons why a young lady will take her own life is not so clear but residence suspects that she might have been
Her recent actions have added to the number which makes 4 in that week alone in Accra.
Some time ago a University Student from the University of Ghana by name Jennifer Nyarko also committed suicide by jumping from a 4 storey building on campus.
In the same veil that same day a taxi driver was found dead hanging on a tree at Achimota
It is however, not clear the reason for the purported action, but residents suspect that she might have done it out of broken heart.
This adds to four the number of persons who have allegedly taken their lives in Accra alone in less than a week.
It would be recalled that a final-year student of the University of Ghana, Jennifer Nyarko, on Wednesday reportedly committed suicide by jumping from a four-storey building on campus.
That same Wednesday, the body of a taxi driver was discovered hanging on a tree at Achimota and Monday morning, another body was discovered by the Ashaiman police hanging on a tree at Ashaiman Jericho.
Suicide have been so rampant in Ghana of recent and the government needs to look at this with immediate alacrity

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