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17 Mar 2017

A Young Teenager Built A Rapping Robot Using Kanye West's LYRICS

Computer has almost taken over everything, there is virtually nothing a computer can not do. Robots one day if care is not taking will take over the world.

As you read now are you aware robots have been made which can even Rap more than humans can do. 
You know the other day when Ed Sheeran held nine places in the top ten? That’s
not going to happen in the future, because the chart will be full of sick tunes from the Terminator, Robocop, R2-D2 and Alpha-5. How do I know this? Well, because a teenager in West Virginia has created an artificially intelligent rapping bot.

The design started as a just mare dare, when he got serious to create it, it only took him 7 days (1week) to do it.  so many persons thought he has is an evil genius and that he should be stopped.

The robot has almost 6,000 Kanye West Lyrics and it still learning more, originally it was made to memorize songs but now it can also write its own lyrics. isn't this terrifying? 

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