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23 Mar 2017

She Is Not Nigeria's First Or Only Female Fire Fighter But She Is Definitely The Finest, Dennis Dooshima

She is not Nigeria's first female fire fighter and she will definitely not be the last either.

She isn’t Nigeria’s first female fire fighter, neither is she going to be the first of them to be on social media, but Dennis Dooshima has caught the eyes of many Nigerians especially some of us who
follow her religiously on her various social media accounts.

The classy young lady who works with the Nigerian Federal Fire Service, has broken the norm for other ladies to emulate.
In addition to serving her country, Dennis also has one very noticeable and distinguishing characteristic…

A lot of people want their houses to burn just so she  could come, funning but true.. LOL

On the Job

Another interesting thing about her is that she is as pretty as she is on the outside in the inside too


when we talk about slay queens, she is the exact person we are referring to. She is very hot and cold.
Going To Work
You may want to read people's comments on her instagram page, we have it for you.

She only does two things by default which are working and slaying, when she is at work she is Boss lady at home or anywhere she is Slaying Queen.

<<<<<Now check out her of duty photos>>>>>

If you have fallen for her don't worry too much as i will get you a step closer to her.  here is her instagram name just follow her up "@dennisdooshima"


  1. Really beautiful indeed...

    How can I get her number sir?

    1. Just follow her up on her Instagram.... I wish you success.. She is very easy going



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