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10 Apr 2017

!!! OH MY God Watch Video How This Girl Killed Her Own Friend Inside The Hostel Because Of BoyFriend Issue

Tragedy struck as girl was beaten to death by her roommate over boyfriend issue This happened about two weeks ago, and the girls involved are from Edo State.

If you ask me I would say this is conspiracy as non of the other girls was ready to help when she was being murdered, the only person that wanted to hold them was STOPPED. Listen carefully and you will also hear somebody telling someone to close the door

The parents of the deceased girl do not actually know how their daughter died, so I want everyone who will watch this to please share until it gets to the girls parents. Thank God someone was sensible enough to record all that happened.. 
                         <<<<WATCH VIDEO HERE>>>>


Man Chopped OFF His Own
 Mother's head Because She
 Stopped Him From Sleeping
 With His Own Daughter
Stephanie Otobo Releases More
 Evidence Between Her And The
 Apostle, This Time On BBM
 Chats (PHOTOS) And (VIDEO)

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