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8 Apr 2017

PROF ENA'S BLOG: Face Of The Week 10 Amazing PHOTOS

Meet our face of the week, a special someone with epitome of beauty and class.  

Name: Esosa

Nikky: Sheks 07

Height: 5'6"

Occupation: Student

Institution: AAU

Discipline: Sociology 

Hobbies: Singing and Dancing

Skills: Baking 

Statistics: 07, 33, 10

Religion: Christian

Phone No: 0703642****

DOB: 199* April, 07

Beautiful ones they say are not yet born with due respect to that philosopher I am negating that thought. Beautiful ones are born and I have one here.

check out more photos

2. She is a strong fan of Arsenal
When you are done with lectures for the day, that feeling you get is always special, happy weekend

3. What could she be gazing at?

4. Humm, Bae's day outing

5. Nice Outfits 

6. Wow, She can slay on native attires too.

7. Something about that "Shoe"

8. Bae on simple outfit, still looking charming

9. The boss lady #winks

10. Cute face but funny hairdo though....  Lol

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE OUR NEXT WEEK "FACE OF THE WEEK" PLEASE CONTACT US @ 08159047929, 08037976597, profenasblogpeb@gmail.com, enaholoa@gmail.com

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