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9 Apr 2017

Say Hi To 15-Year-Old Boy Who Eats The Food Of Ten Adults At Once

A 15 year old boy who eats food meant for 10 adults and weighs 150 KG "thats the wight of 3 Dangote cement together" have been hospitalized and he is gotten a second chance to life.

Currently he has reduced weight by 46KG as he weighs only 104 KG

Doctors say Mahesh Bhubathi, who is from Anantapur district, suffers from a rare condition that causes him to be constantly hungry, hence his weight gain. However, his mother, Sathala Sulochana, 35, says he was born underweight and only began gaining weight after a short illness when he was just a few weeks old.

Mahesh's weight increased as he grew older and soon he gained international limelight. A weight loss surgeon, Dr Ravikanth Kongara, offered to perform bariatric surgery on Mahesh for free in order to remove some of the weight.

Doctors have put him on a strict diet to prevent him from gaining more weight again. In addition to his weight problems, Mahesh is unable to speak and he therefore requires constant care. Dr Kongara says Mahesh's ideal weight, for someone his age, should be 34kg. He has also found a job for his mother at the same hospital he works so she can earn enough to take care of Mahesh.

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