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9 Apr 2017

Stephanie Otobo Releases More Evidence Between Her And The Apostle, This Time On BBM Chats (PHOTOS) And (VIDEO)

It is no more news that Apostle Johnson Suleman has been rubbed with a sex scandal, The accuser Stephanie Otobo who resides in Canada have released several screenshot photos of herself and the Man of God having good time chats.

Some time ago she even released banks slips in which the Apostle paid in money into her account. Stephanie promised when she gets back to Canada she will  release more photos and she is fulfilling her promise already,

Please drop your view on the comment section...

Her mother was seen at the Omega Fire Ministry pleading for forgiveness of her daughter from the man of God about  few weeks back, 
                                                         <<<<WATCH VIDEO>>>>


  1. Linda Goslindy9 April 2017 at 17:55

    This girl have some crazy evidence o... I don't even kniw what to beleive anymore.

    Men of God are humans too any one can make mistakes..
    Just my point though

  2. What if after the end they now fined that she was lying all through?????

    What would doubter says??

  3. Abeg leave that that thing let's see the evidence first



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