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10 Apr 2017

Toyota To Produce Car Of The Century... It Features Are Unbelievable (PHOTOS)

The auto giant, in its uber-short announcement, promised a " Four Wheeling. Scene Stealing" offering.

While this is the extent of details Toyota has gone into, the auto world is abuzz with reports and rumours about the

concept, based on its nomenclature and the solo image that Toyota has shared.

The automaker registered the trademark for 'FT-4X' way back in October 2016. And the hype around the concept has only increased over the months.

Some have suggested that this 'Future Toyota' (FT) concept could soon be on its way to production, since the company uses the prefix when it intends to put the vehicle on roads... and soon.

Speculation is ripe that the concept might turn out to be a four-wheel drive, if the '4X' in its name is anything to go by.

The image is more a teaser than anything else and shows nothing but a lone tyre. It gives no clue about the exterior or interior of the vehicle. But the image of the butch, assumedly 18-inch alloy, Goodyear tyre has set off rumours that the vehicle could well be an off-roader.

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